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Permanent Hair Removal San Diego

Our permanent hair removal San Diego medical spa focuses on the procedures that provide you with the longest lasting solutions for your unwanted hair. The biggest solution for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. This is the only procedure that is actually certified by the Federal Drug Administration and the American Medical Association as a permanent solution to your unwanted hair.

The Techniques Behind Our Permanent Hair Removal San Diego Process

Before we go into our medical spa’s state of the art permanent hair removal San Diego process for electrolysis let’s delve into the history of this technique.

Believe it or not, electrolysis is over 200 years as old. The process comes from when a direct electrical current runs through ionic substances. It was actually used in the early part of the 1800’s to uncover some of the basis elements that we know of today, such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium among other elements. It is also responsible for helping scientists understand the process of aluminum.

Now that you have a historical understanding of the role of electrolysis, let’s talk about how our permanent hair removal San Diego medical staff can help you use this procedure to remove the hairs that plague your life forever. Banishing them to non-existence!

First, the only form of electrolysis that is permanent is needle electrolysis. Make sure that when you speak to our permanent hair removal San Diego team that you discuss using this option in order to make your unwanted hairs go away for good.

Second, part of the reason our permanent hair removal San Diego clients talk to us is because we use state of the art technology and facilities to keep you looking your best in a safe and serene environment. We only use trained professionals who can help you effectively remove these unsightly hairs from your body.

Third, ask our qualified staff about our experience and skill with using electrolysis. We pride ourselves on having the best staff possible to help you remove the blemishes from your body.

Fourth, make sure that once you are ready to move forward with us that you follow our team of doctors, registered nurses, and electrologists to the letter. Our rules are put in place for your safety, and we want to make sure that the procedure is quick and relatively painless.

Fifth, that brings us to pain and discomfort. There is a bit of pain and discomfort, but at the most this is simply a bit stinging and that is it. This is a lot less painful than waxing or tweezing.

Hair Removal

San Diego Permanent Laser Hair Removal

There are many myths and facts about our San Diego permanent laser hair removal process. In this article we are going to go into some of the greatest myths and also some real facts so you understand exactly what you are getting with our medical spa.

We do not believe in letting your procedures be shrouded in mystery. Since this is your life, you need to know exactly what you are getting.

Our San Diego permanent Laser Hair Removal Guidelines

First, our San Diego permanent laser hair removal is not guaranteed in all cases. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. Each person has their own unique chemistry that adapts and works with different processes in their body differently. That means it is impossible for us to guarantee every single client who walks through that door will have permanent hair removal. Even with electrolysis it is not 100% guaranteed.

At the same time, we have spent tens of thousands of man hours developing our own systems, learning how to work the machines, understanding body chemistry, and mastering our craft. That is why we will do our absolute best to make sure that our San Diego permanent laser hair removal treatment center will do everything within its power to help you have the look you want.

Second, so if it is not always permanent why get it? Good question!

Let us answer that question with an analogy. If the city of San Diego offered to pay your mortgage for three out of the ten years you had left as long as you stayed in your home for 10 years would do it? For those who decided that it would nice to save thousands of dollars of money on interest over those three years please compare that to not having to shave to for two, five, or ten years. Maybe you will not need to wax ever again.

Whatever the case is, this is your chance to be free and clear of the daily hassles of unwanted hair for the foreseeable future. Free and clear to get up, put on a bathing suit, and go hit the waves first thing in the morning. You are free and clear to not have to worry what happens when you sunbath outside. Finally, free and clear to have great pictures which show the real you unafraid of the world.

Third, life is not supposed to be spent in your bathroom grooming yourself. Instead, it is about living the life you have always wanted to live. While we work on removing unwanted hairs at our medical spa, we understand that in reality we work on your dreams. We are shaping your future with each session.

That is why our San Diego permanent laser hair removal treatment has such impact, because it determines who you are as a person.

Hopefully we have unraveled some of the myths and facts of our San Diego permanent laser hair removal procedures.

Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal For Men Is Actually Now More Reliable And More Affordable

The technology regarding laser hair removal for men has progressively been improving within the last few years. This has resulted in a spectacular decrease in the costs normally involving male laser hair removal. This cosmetic procedure has also grown in popularity. In years past, laser hair removal was only liked by ladies. The procedure has enjoyed a growth in acceptance with the male portion of the population due to the fact guys now think that the ‘woods man’ – Grizzly Adams sort of he-man touting a lot of hair can turn off women.

Considering laser hair removal for men is rather commonplace, several facilities catering exclusively for guys have also popped up all over the world. Male laser hair removal simply works by utilizing a concentrated high-energy beam of light to remove undesirable hair follicles all over men’s bodies. This destroys the hair follicle and sometimes the dermal papilla giving patients clean and hairless skin. Men typically need to take numerous treatments spaced out over a couple of months but as time goes by, less and less procedures are needed. It comes to a point at which men have to come in only once a year to get hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal for men usually targets places like the back and the torso although many men also elect to have some areas of their faces and thighs treated as well. It’s also important to note that the skin is left unharmed once undergoing laser hair removal. The reason being our body naturally produces a compound known as melanin, that helps protect our skin from strong light.

There are many choices for hair removal but lasers have been shown to be the best in longevity and long term expenses.

Mainly because other treatments such as waxing and electrolysis can be a very uncomfortable processes. Electrolysis can also be a very costly and expensive system. Treatments including waxing and shaving only provides temporary results meaning people will need to repeat the treatments each time their hair grows back.

Previously, the procedures working with lasers with the goal of removal or reduction of the hair are done only by trained professionals and doctors. This moment the FDA has already processed the agreement for do-it-yourself, home version of laser hair removal. For being authorized, this demonstrates that this type of process for getting rid of your unwanted hair is secure and gives eminent results.

Prior to heading off to get laser hair removal for men, just remember to consult a dermatologist to be sure that your skin type can handle the treatment. Laser hair removal for men is usually harmless for the majority of men and it’s also fairly uncommon to find skin that’s too sensitive for the procedure. You also need to make sure that you’re not undergoing any other traditional hair removal treatments before investing in male laser hair removal.

For better or worse, the burly lumber jack male image has gone the way ‘Little House on the Prairie’. Today’s woman is more into the clean, glistening, hair free look – And if they can’t find that look in their men, they’ll find it in each other. Get with the times or get left behind! Find out about your choices as well as the dangers at: Laser Hair Removal For Men.

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